• 沈思


    Been a busy couple weeks. Made a lot of money and learnd a whole bunch of new stuff. Tired and sore now so I guess that means it's a perfect time to mess around with my server some more. I need to renew the cers but I am having the darndest time getting this bot to run to do my dirty work. I'll figure it out eventually. Currently it seems like I'm having trouble communicating with the authentication server so it may just be an issue with my services and not the actual program.

    Aside from that I havent gotten very far. I have been working so much recently I don't really play Toram like I used to. I haven't abandoned the database project but the development schedule has definitely dialed back to a crawl. A major point of failure in my current operation is that I am not nearly as fluent as I would like to be with my coding. If I get lucky I can find a template to pretty up the outputs but to do what I want there is no turnkey solution waiting on me out there.

    Updates coming eventually....

    Life has been busy. I have returned for now...

    Good to be back in the command line and cranking out fun stuff for this project. I am going to need to switch to a different frontend framework soon because I don't feel like updating this thing I have running now. It's cool and all but I want a project to help me grow as a dev and expand my portfolio. So this will eventually be a portfolio page and this post will just be tucked away in some database on a blog subdirectory for superfans to follow. Maybe I'll even learn how to make that rss feed work properly and get into podcasting or something.

    Not too much to say here. I really want to ger crackin on that code. I just slammed a monster and have been sipping a dr pepper. Really hope to accomplish quite a bit in the coming hours. We shall see.

    Here's some tunes:


    Stuff and こと…

      I found some cool eerie music I like when I was messing around on band lab a few days ago. Phillip Glass: a modern take on calssical music and from a musician's point of view I can say I like the composition style. It really shows what you can do with particular chords and relatonal scales. I felt like I was on a train riding along the track while listening to one of his movents.

      I am going to start a new workout routine. I can't keep munching candy and expect to stay skinny like I used to when I was younger. I hope to be able to run every day for at least one minute. I know I can do more than that but as long as I set that as my goal I will not fail. I need to get back in shape so I can have more fun and do more things. My garden needs some work too. The rainy season is on us now and I have so many seeds to plant. I want to make a hybrid morning glory one day. If I do it right I want it to produce psychadelic tiedie patterns. Maybe find a way to get Three or more colors to show?

      Sever stuff is going pretty cool these days. Not too much to worry about on the backend except adding and upgrading at this point. I think I have most of the obvious security holes patched and everything should be pretty solid in that field. I found my nikkon coolpix digital camera while looking for a needle threader. I'm going to make silly stock footage with McDonald's toys and see what happens. So many minons and other goofy little things here.

      Stay awesome everyone!

    私は分りません日本語がですねよ…天才じゃないですよ :D

    Major accomplishments over the past month have been pretty cool. Got server space on the cheap and skipped the initial setup costs by getting a blank server and building it from scratch via cli sessions. I have most of my services running like I want. Still need a couple of sysadmin toys for simple stuff like a hit counter and other simple things. Landed a pretty cool job and am learning stuff pretty quick. Repotted all my plants today too! That was interesting. The orchid is about to bloom again. maybe I'll catch it on film this time.

    If I manage to stay up late enough I intend to clean up and style my ./games directory index. The hand coding was quick for a temp thing but I have this one I made a month ago I was using for self memos. It was really otaku but I liked it. Looked professional as well. Debating on if I want to add background music or if I want to experiment with a player app. I'll figure that one out as time goes on. For now I'll add it to the notes. I need to figure out how to best implement visitor chat functions. I have a couple of ideas. I'll play with it.

    My next big goals to accomplish for this project are as follows:

    • -visitor counter
    • -visitor interaction (via one of the three frameworks I already have)
    • -finish my custom css and put it on stuff
    • -add more games and other fun stuff
    • -maybe a video player or something for old .swf things
    • -somewhere in all this play with my new server wizard magick in the cgi
    • -eventually make a more efficient clone of the server using new method
    • -link up all services in site via this method
    • -build api and eventually do custom readers or bots or something cool
    • -set up forums and work that in
    • -play with stuff and make cool things happen in code



    Another Week

    Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic time at the current moment.I am really loving this new gig I have. I still really want to work on my server project though. Been slacking off a bit. I usually end up coming home and sitting down. Then I stay there. It feels soo good! Hard part is standing back up and getting it all flowing again.

    Gonna overhaul the site tomorrow most likely. It's my 'day off' so I should have plenty of time. I'm writing this after getting off my shift, actually. Not much on the to-do list tonight, aside from update a few pages and make sure all my secret pages are kosher.

    Oh, yeah! almost forgot...Someone offered me a position at another valet company. Pretty nice cars but I don't think I want to jump ship That fast. But I could be driving a Bentley....ya know for about twenty seconds. Then I gotta go grab the next one.

    ok code systems GO! (>'.')>/*~~~

    Been a crazy week. Wonder what the next one will bring. Stay awesome guys!


    I've been slacking off quite a bit on my systems administrator position. This valet gig is a lot of fun and quite lucrative. I want to see how far down this rabbit hole goes. Should be a good time. Regardless of the fact that I have been putting off work, it doesn't mean I'm not working. I have the big picture organized in my head finally.

    Probably won't get to it for a few days but I finally found a good reference guide to help me with my journey into serving up dynamic scripts with a gateway interface. It even comes with boilerplate code so I can skip all the gruntwork of setting up directories and schemas. So awesome! I've been dabbling with bits of code blowing off the dust and cobwebs from my former glory.

    Somewhere in the last day or so my mind made itself up without me. Apparently I am headed back to the midwest in a few months. Not sure how that's gonna work out but I guess I can figure it out. If I keep my grind on like I'm doing the only way to go is up. I guess I should start doing some affiliate reviews while I'm at it. I mean I do have a blog, and an amazon affiliate account, and a bunch of neat gizmos laying around. Maybe I can get that moving. I know I have enough chinese people hacking my server someone is bound to see something they like.

    Or maybe they like what I like, right? I am saving up for the LG Stylo 3 ( http://amzn.to/2ILkFUi ) I used to have the LG Stylo 2 and I loved it so much. I was able to do all sorts of fun little edits in AutoDesk Sketchbook. I switched over to the LG X Power after I messed up my charging port. I am a but hard on my devices but it had a long life despite that. I really miss the stylus though. I was always at the ready to do a quick edit or sometimes it was just easier to surf the web and read without my chunky fingers in the way of the dainty little screen.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. This is also the first time I have had a non Gorilla Glass phone and I didn't realize all other glass manufactuers were shit. I am used to dropping my phone, tossing it across the room onto the bed, slamming it against the wall, flinging it across a field, etc. It would still be ok in all these situations. Might catch a scratch or two but hey; thats what screen protectors are for. The first few drops were ok. Then in a week I managed to get two cracks across the left side. It makes a nice curly brace if you tilt it just right. It also eats my fingers when I play toram. Either I need a new screen protector or I need to get a new phone. I only bought this one because my old one broke and it was an emergency.

    Life is wierd sometimes, ya know? One minute you're inches from the abyss and then next thing you know you're on your way to a five star hotel because that's your side gig. Up down and all around we tumble into the rabbit hole. Where will it go? Only one way to find out! Keep on keepin on. Thanks for stopping by. Stay Awesome!!


    Stuff is moving along

    Kind of took a break from grinding on the server for the day. I don't want to hit it too hard or I'll just fizzle out and it will cease to exist. I did add a couple key bits of framework that will help me along though. Not like I did absolutely nothing. I just didn't do any 'heavy lifting' today. I start the new job tomorrow. That should be interesting. It's a lot of customer interaction so I know I'll learn a lot and grow as a person.

    Normally I tend to go for jobs where I hide out in the back and do my thing. It's pretty great most of the time. I end up as a line cook more often than not so You know what that means. Jammin some music and making some burgers. Or steaks, or fish, or soups, or...the list goes on and on. I spent a decade mastering the basics of the cook industry. I'm a pretty good cook. I wouldn't say I am the best but I can easily hold my own in a kitchen anywhere during a dinner rush given the proper team and prep supplies.

    I'm really quite eager to see where this new path will take me. Compared to my previous work it doesn't sound anywhere near as challenging as all the stuff I usually put myself through. I often caught myself talking down on this kind of work because it seemed like they made too much for doing too little. I can see the benefit now that I am on the other side of the fence. I will have more time to work on projects like this one in front of your eyes right now. And I will have better funds and energy to accomplish my long term goals. If I can play nice and hold my tongue I should be just fine. I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be.

    I'm gonna wrap this post up though because it's already waaaaay past my bedtime and I still need to wind down for the evening. Oh yeah. Stephen Hawking! You were a great man and I have only read one of your books, but I have looked at the work you have accomplished. Marvelous stuff out there. Your brilliance will be cherished and missed dearly. https://youtu.be/TgqiSBxvdws

    Thanks for stopping by. Stay Awesome Everyone!

    Common Gateway Interface

    After pulling an all nighter and reading every guide on the web I figured it out. Why can't anything just work how it should right out of the box? More to the point, why do I always have to be creative? If I had just folled the boring examples I could have skipped a couple hours of reading. I wanted to make mine a little more intersting though. I mean honestly how many times have you ended up on a website and saw cgi-bin in the url bar? It's so boring. I wanted to add a little pizzazz to my stuff so my scripts and directories have fun names. It also helps with security by dodging all the defaults.

    In other news I have a growing list of fans who are bookmarking the site and getting hyped for the toram database project. It's gonna be really cool. In the meantime I want to set up some games on all my error pages and maybe just poke a few off to the side for anyone who's bored. Not sure where to start but I will most likely add those links in the side content bar on the right side of the page. That was supposed to be a spot for quick secondary links that didn't have anything to do with the main blurb. I'm really happy this is all working out so good. It's been a challenege but I have learned a lot and I am going to learn a lot more as time goes on.

    I bet I could even do my hacker.org challenges directly from this server too if I wanted to. It would be way faster than using my local hardware. I haven't visited that place in ages. It would be fun to have a refresher course. hackthissite.org was a great starting point for security basics and they have grown a lot and added tons of new stuff too. They are launching another capture the flag event pretty soon. Used to just call it hackthisbox or something like that. If you have ever heard of the defcon capture the flag, it's kind of like that. Maybe one of these days I'll be skilled enough and have some extra cash to go to vegas and check it out one of these days. I would hate to go up there and get fragged by some script kiddies trying to be cool by using their kill scripts they found on a warez site.

    I guess on the docket for today is get the new scripting interface working with the database and making some sort of appropriate output. If I can format it into a table properly that would be a great start. If not, I'll just be happy with having a searchable array that I can manipulate. And a nice distraction if I don't do that would be to get all the games up and running on the appropriate pages. I already have a mind bending gravity game hidden in this home directory. I'll have to move it and list it with all the other stuff I have planned. I also need to look into css themes at some point. I was always good at doing functional but my interfaces are usually quite lacking. I kind of enjoy the industrial look but I want something a bit more polished for the final version.

    I guess that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by! Stay awesome everyone!!

    I love optimization!

    Got around to hiding that login button and moving the defaults around. I got a working script running for interacting with the database. It was a template just to prove the concept. Funny thing is I have been proving that concept for weeks now because just about everything I do runs through it's own database with a script running through some sort of secured data layer. I decided to rip the script off the server for now until I get it secured. It had HUGE gaping security holes since it was a lazy proof of concept. Really nice tool to have regardless of if it's secured or not. All I really need to do is password a directory and hide it in there.

    I'll probably be grinding for a few more hours so there's a good chance I'll have the basic database parsing script figured out. If I'm lucky I'll have some radio buttons or a drop down menu with preset queries. Then I get to pentest that and make sure I lock up  the basic injection sites. I already have sanitization and deny scripts for anything thats currently accessible by the public. I bet there's still one or two small things I missed but they are hidden in a dark corner and I am hacking this as fast as I build it. I even invited a couple of my friends to come crack the server for fun and report back to me. So far nobody has been able to get in.

    I think I may have had one intruder early on when I first launched my server a few weeks ago. I had some logs vanish and I'm pretty sure I didn't have a cron script set up to clean out anything I already read and I know I didn't delete them myself. Cool thing is after I noticed the missing logs I added a few more layers of security and locked up all the holes I noticed. I even changed my ssl certs and my keys. Haven't seen any signs of odd logins since then.

    I have a dozen passwords for this setup. Each service has a different pass and a unique user that doesn't match any searchable defaults on the net. I made sure to avoid using anything too vanilla or mainstream so your average script kiddie couldn't get in. I raised the bar so only the truly elite would even stand a chance of cracking my setup. I know a majority of the elite class of hackers wouldn't do something juvenile like "rm -rf" my whole server. They would just rip any sensitive data and change the homepage. Probably install a backdoor and some loggers too. But they wouldn't wreck all my stuff. I can respect that.

    Hoping to have my prototype website up and running within a couple weeks. No promises though, but I am making pretty good progress. I went from base setup to relatively secure in two weeks and some change. I'm pretty happy about that seeing as there's an insane amount of work that goes into configuringing and maintaining a server. I'm not looking forward to updating the dataset for the droplist. It's missing about a year's worth of data plus all the extras I want to throw in. That's gonna take me months alone. I'll probably try to get my guildies to help me with the data mining if I can't find a hacky way to rip it from somewhere.

    Getting better with my scripting languages day by day. It's really exciting. I also learned the basics of emacs and I'm beginning to get hooked on it. I really wish I had picked it up years ago instead of playing with vim and nano this whole time. I could have been a emacs guru by now. Oh well! I'm picking it up really quickly and loving every second of it, I even slammed out a couple bash scripts and ran them straight from emacs today! I know it's not really much to a guru but I couldn't do that crap with any other editors I'm used to. Just enjoying all these novel features that make it wonderful for server administration.

    This post is getting kind of long. I'm gonna take a short break and then probably get back to grinding the CLI. Thanks for stopping by! Stay awesome everyone!!

    It's Coming Together!!!


    Making tons of progress, slowly but surely! After cleaning up the spreadsheet a bit I figured out how to upload it painlessly without even having to fuss with rsync. That was a pretty cool achievement. It still doesn't have all the updated data, but I do have enough to get the scaffolding set up and make run a few test queries to make sure I have the basics running properly before I go live.

    Totally forgot I had installed a control panel to make my life easier. I eventually ran a quick "ls -R/|grep thi_I_was_looking_for" and noticed I didn't even need to set up because I was smart and installed it before I even had the server live. That saved me at least a good 30 minutes to an hour. Of course I ended up burning that playing around with the panel and looking around. I did optimize my permissions and properly jail all the user accounts though.

    No more worries about if someone finds a way to inject code into one of my entries. It wouldn't really get you that far. I have backups of all my databases and they are all quarantined from one another so even if you got access all you have is a crappy limited user that can mess with the tables listed in that particular DB. Not a whole lot going on there. I mean...yeah maybe they could "rm -rf" the whole db but thats like a five second copy to fix it and another thirty seconds to set up the permissions again.

    Still on the todo list before I go to bed (hopefully). I need to make a test script to query my database and pull table information then display it in a neat little format thats easy to read. At first I was gonna make a simple read, write, delete script but then I ralized i had that secure panel installed so I don't have to fuss with buggy homebrew code. I just need to set up the page to read the stuff and show it off. Of course I am going to have to put in input checks and make sure the values weren't changed by some clever coder poking around in the source.

    By keeping it server side I bypass a lot of the usual URL exploits that come along with the territory. I have my config files locked away with permissions set. I have a seperate user for every function. I have all those silly little things most people overlook because I did my homework. It also helps that I grew up on http://www.hackthissite.org/ and http://www.hacker.org/ . I had a good starting point between that and the classes I took. Even the crew I ran with in high school was very infosec concious. Our favorite pastime was hanging out in the library and hacking the school networks. The only way we got away with it was because we told the sysadmin exactly what we were doing.

    Once he realized we were just trying to learn stuff he set us loose and before you know it my school was one of the most secure networks in the area. I had a blast...future classes of students were a bit annoyed at our handywork though. They couldn't do any of the fun stuff because we had already cracked it and patched it. Of course we just wanted to crack the patches and keep going because that was the whole point of the game. It sure was fun too!

    I am quite grateful I was able to experience lfe the way I did and have those awesome oppritunities to learn. Of course I wanted to learn more but I was hindered by lack of funds and parental restrictions but whatever. I kept myself into it and progressed as much as life would let me. Here I am now dedicating almost all of my free time to the pursuit of knowledge on my own time. It's pretty cool. I mean I could have just went back to college but I already know the syllabus and how they were going to teach me anyways.

    I made my own syllabus and I have a case study type project to keep me moving and learning. This server will be a culmination of all the things I have learned over the years and a testament to my current abilities as a coder, scripter, and databse administrator. It's a living proof of concept that will grow with me and my skills as time goes on. I am excited to be able to make this a part of my overall portfolio. As I build on it and make more unique fixes and scripts I will also populate my github with stuff to expand my portfolio and flex my skills.

    I could end up anywhere as long as I put my mind to it and put in the hours. The sky is the limit, but I'm aiming for the stars. Hopefully I hit my mark in a timely manner. Thanks for dropping by. I'm gonna run off and veg then get some more work done. Stay awsome everyone!!

    Making Progress!!

    Thought I would drop by and post an update since I've been quiet on here the last few days. I've been really busy grinding out stuff in the background. Still haven't played much toram but I have been doing a lot of toram related work. I got my hands on an old item/mob/map/event list in a spreadsheet format. It's about a year or so old but it's got all the right info with only a couple of typos.

    With that list I have added extra fields so I can just import it directly to my database and have all the required info ready to go. This will save me the effort of manually adding thoudands and thousands of lines of data into the dtatbase manually. So far the spreadsheet contains easily over 5,000 data entries and that's just the first page. probably around 10,000 or more by the time I finish cleaning it up and adding all the required information. I am gonna leave some stuff blank because it's not incredibly pertinent at the current time but will become intensly useful in the future to have those fields available.

    Aside from that I don't have a lot more to talk about. I did update and impliment a proper data layer and add some more security features. Currently working on restricted user groups and limited users for the scripts I am going to be running. If I can get that done before I go to bed I will be a lot closer to implimenting the first couple pages of my toram site.

    I have my "build a vps server " tutorial fleshed out and awaiting a proper proofread and rewrite. Still needs citations and supporting information on all the applications and programs I have included in the tutorial. Before I get anywhere near posting that I want to make sure my server is buttoned up even tighter seeing as it's somewhat similar to my own build. I did change a few key features and defaults but once you understand how a vps is setup it just makes it that much easier to crack any of them.

    Lucky for me half the international hackers currently bombarding my site don't seem to be proficient with english judging by the server logs. If they could read all this then they would be attempting different logins. Sniffing my data is kind of useless at this point in time seeing as I have ssl forced and I have reset my server a few times since the build and refreshed all my keys. Any old sniffed data is practically useless and incompatible with any new data added to the old list. Trying to decode it any keys would just result in a garbled mess.

    That's all I got for now. I've been grinding away at tutorials and the command line for a few hours now. I think I'll go grab some soup and watch "The IT Crowd". It's a british comedy about the IT Department at a big corporation. Really good stuff. Just don't open the red door...

    Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time. Stay awesome!!

    Finally figured it out!

    So my ssl cert was throwing up an error only half the time and it was driving me nuts. I would go back and renew it and still an error. I would change the domain and still the error. After a bit of fiddling I figured it out. I had to make the cert for both mirrors of the site. the http://www.rizzmonsterlabs.com and the http://rizzmonsterlabs.com

    While I was there I went ahead and did what I should have done initially and forced https for all traffic. That should keep this site at least slightly more secure than it was before. It's still just my little corner of the net to post nonsense and rant silently to myself while I build a really cool server. Who knows! By the time I get everything set up like I want it I might just take the blog down or move it to a different directory and keep it just for my own amusement. It doesn't really generate any traffic currently and the only traffic I do seem to be getting is from bored chinese hackers who seem to have this IP saved from a previous host. Either that or they are just broad scanning the net and they found this hosting provider's range and went from there wardialing until they hit something.

    My current project in the workds is learn a bit more php and get that going on a secret test directory while I build a database similar to http://coryn.club ; I really like that site but at times I think to myself, "What if the format was different?" Or stuff like, "What if they had different search parameters and options?" And various other thoughts in that range of thinking. I love what they are doing and I promote their services regular in toram online but I would love to have a database of my own because it's just really handy to have. You never know, one day coryn.club could go down because their hosting provider was doing maintainance or something. Then what would we do if we needed to find some obscure item? I also want to expand on the idea they are running with. I had always thought about making one of these back when the only list worth using was the one D. Song has but they beat me to the punch. I finally have the resources and time available to achieve my dream. Who knows, maybe one day I can partner with coryn.club and we can make something super duper awesome.

    I keep saying it but hopefully by the end of the night I have tied up a few loose ends on this blog. I see a few potential security risks for the long term. A couple of pages that need to be hidden, some input boxes that need to be scrubbed (or at the very least add better error handling), icons that need adjustment, etc. I know I won't get this place like I want it overnight, but if I do one thing a day minimum I will see progress gradually and I will hit my mark. I think that's enough rambling out of me. I'll leave you with a bit of music before I go.

    Funkadelic - Maggot Brain


    Thanks for stopping by guys! Stay Awesome!

    Another day

    Another day has passed and I have accomplished a few things. I managed to figure out why my script wasn't working. Apparently a couple of typos and duplicate entries caused the whole thing to crash. It's running now. I should start seeing a decrease in brute force attempts in the near future. The script even reports the offending IPs to the proper athorities so they can be dealt with accordingly.

    Cleaned up more stuff in the background. Can't really talk about it without leaking sensitive information. All you need to know is I have been optimizing stuff and reading a lot of articles today. I figured I should probably write a tutorial on how to get a server box setup like what I'm running. Not sure how close to my current setup I'll make it but I know I'll make it relatively idiot proof.

    Still haven't gotten to the toram tutorial but I will get it at some point. Right now my main focus is making sure the server is as secure as I can get it before I start generating traffic and bringing in new things to worry about. More people = more things to fix. For now I am pleased as punch, my system is running smoothly and my resource usage is pretty low considering all the stuff I have running. On the docket for tomorrow is configure any background services I haven't already gotten to and make the site force https if possible.

    Thats all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

    Stay awesome!

    I think I found a starting point!

    I have been puzzling over which direction I want to take this site for a while now. I have come up with a wonderful place to start. Since I like toram online so much I might as well dedicate a portion of the site to information about the game. I am constantly getting flooded with questions on how to synth like a pro and be an awesome smith. Well now I can just point people towards one of my tutorials (once I get them written of course).

    I can also post builds and other helpful musings on the site. Maybe at some point that will grow into a nice little niche that will take care of itself. Would be really cool. I have tons of awsome original screenshots that would make great wallpapers and stuff. And with the guild I am in I know I can get access to tons of cool secret combos that make my information unique....at least until someone jacks the info and posts it on their website.

    I still want to post techie stuff and other things I like but I figure the blog is like the root of the tree. This is where it all starts. I can grown and branch off into various other interesting topics. I don't think I am gonna go the whole extra mile and make a bunch of chroot jails for individual sites. At least, not this early in the game. I might need to at some point if my scripts begin requiring it. Right now I have seperate databases for each branch of info/content I will be serving. That is serving the same purpose as the chroot jail witout all the extra steps.

    Might not get to it today seeing as it's nice and sunny out. I'll probably end up going and working my other job for a bit. I've been bunkered up in this house for a few days now trying to keep out of the rain. It's been pretty cool though. I managed to get this blog and most of my other key features set up and ironed out a bit. Only time will tell what I will end up doing. For now I must get going. Thanks for stopping by!

    Stay awesome everyone!!

    Apparently I have a silent fan club...

    I see what you're doing there.

    I'm not your average run of the mill security sam. I've had a bit of practice. This isn't my first rodeo, cowboy. Just hope I don't leave you with a bait account that has bugs on it. Do you want to buy a new computer? Might wanna stop while you're ahead. I'll get a script going in the next day or so that just auto ip bans you if you mess up too many times. I know my passwords so it'll be easy to seperate the wheat from the chaff!

    Also a message to the white hats out there. If you get really really bored and just want to see if you can crack it to crack it without any malicious intent, email me your IP address and anything you can find and I'll add you to the whitelist of non bannable ip addresses. I might be able to compensate you for your help in the future. Just remember to let me know your IP in advance. I check the logs and ban daily. I don't check my email everyday however...

    BG music: ytcracker-#antisec

    derpy何magicboxinthesky:~$ sudo cat logs
    Feb 21 00:56:02 [26457]: Invalid user upload from port 40862
    Feb 21 03:54:20 [640]: Invalid user jim from port 49536
    Feb 21 06:55:04 [7320]: Invalid user jack from port 57348
    Feb 21 08:16:04 [10461]: Invalid user test from port 54958
    Feb 21 08:18:59 [10501]: Invalid user fit from port 38158
    [.............many many more....................]
    Feb 23 09:38:19 [3403]: Invalid user jaj from port 43168
    Feb 23 10:05:10 [4550]: Invalid user oprofile from port 45924
    Feb 23 10:31:11 r[5449]: Invalid user apple1 from port 48676
    Feb 23 10:55:36 314]: Invalid user upload from port 46766
    Feb 23 10:58:58 [6377]: Invalid user bob from port 51422
    Feb 23 11:16:34 s sshd[7193]: Invalid user cricket from port 13557
    [.............many many more....................]
    Feb 23 15:06:38 15773]: Invalid user t7inst from port 38346
    Feb 23 15:16:57 [16184]: Invalid user support from port 42367
    Feb 23 16:16:03 [18466]: Invalid user redmine from port 38807
    Feb 23 16:22:09 [18651]: Invalid user oracle from port 58803
    Feb 23 16:37:33 [19225]: Invalid user user from port 42367
    Feb 23 16:47:30 [19628]: Invalid user ftp_test from port 34151
    [.............many many more....................]
    Feb 23 19:05:19 6609]: Invalid user cristina from port 41852
    Feb 23 19:11:58 =shd[26873]: Invalid user git from port 37116
    Feb 23 19:28:57 shd[27394]: Invalid user info from port 51278
    Feb 23 19:35:31 7652]: Invalid user nagios from port 45164
    Feb 23 19:52:32  sshd[28328]: Invalid user onsadm from port 58824
    [.............many many more....................]
    Feb 23 22:14:55 [1582]: Invalid user guest from port 52610
    Feb 23 22:21:19 [1847]: Invalid user symmetry from port 45248
    Feb 23 22:38:40 [2432]: Invalid user afedorov from port 33290
    Feb 23 22:45:06 [2777]: Invalid user cesar from port 54116
    Feb 23 23:02:34 [3435]: Invalid user wordpress from port 41698
    Feb 23 23:06:44 [3579]: Invalid user pi from port 35242
    Feb 23 23:06:46 [3581]: Invalid user pi from port 35238
    Feb 23 23:08:58 sshd[3625]: Invalid user guest from port 33780
    Feb 23 23:26:39 sshd[4317]: Invalid user redmine from port 50002
    Feb 23 23:33:09 sshd[4513]: Invalid user adam from port 42022
    Feb 24 02:14:21 [12086]: Invalid user qhsupport from port 51572

    My First Post!

    So here I am finally! Only took me a couple days of slaving over a command line to get this thing like I wanted it. Still have a ton of work to do but I am happy it looks at least half decent before I get into serious theming. I've been dreaming about having my own server space for years and I am now finally able to see this dream become a reality. (and at a good price too!)

    I haven't quite figured out what I want my main focus of this blog to be. I was kind of thinking I would make it kind of a techie/lifestyle blog, but I want it to stand out. We don't need another gizmodo or slashdot. I figure I could come here and talk about things that have to do with my interests more or less. So far however, you have no idea who I am. Just another voiceless wall of text on the vast interwebs tooting their own horn. Well kinda...I guess I should introduce myself.

    Hello there! I'm rizz. I go by many variations of that around the net. Maybe I'll eventually key you into where I hide out. For now I'll keep it simple. I'm a 467 year old vampire mutant toaster with wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities. I really enjoy penut butter toast and raisins. I love playing toram online. My interests include: music, linux, scripting languages (python, html5, javascript), programming (python, java, c++), goth culture, music composition, doggos, crypto, gardening, philosophy, and quite a few other things. I'll probably just sprinkle in a bit of whatever I feel like for now.

    This place has a long way to go before I actually start sharing links but I am just happy to have my own server space where I can do anything I want (within reason). At the top of the to do list is iron out the format and clean up some of the default tabs. For some odd reason when I switched themes it started showing a tab for the demo page. That's kind of annoying seeing as I already disabled that. I'll probably be at it all night after I take a little break. It's been days since I played toram. They just released a new story mission too, so I'm quite excited to check it out.

    Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the site and have a good time here!

    daily youtube playlists coming soon!!!

  • I'm new, what is this place?

    This is my little corner of the web where I get to post what I want when I want it.

    I might start promoting things that interest me eventually. For now though, I'm just going to populate this with my inane ramblings while I secure my server.